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Kal Ho Naa Ho

On your mark, get set, GO!!!

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All these questions have to do with the movie, not real life.

1. Who are the 2 neighbors of Pretiy Zinta, who live next door?

2. What was Preity Zinta's FULL name?

3. Why did Shah Rukh Khan supposedly come to New York City?

4. Who did Shah Rukh Khan come to live with?

5. How did Preity Zinta's dad die?

6. How many people were in Lajo's "singing group"? (Including Lajo)

7. Who playeed the roll of Preity Zinta's mom?

8. Who was the character who said," Me, mummy, aur master."

9. What is the name of our young, yet sadly handicapped character?

10. What is Preity Zinta's sister's name?

Now that you are done, check your answers...